Key innovations in science and technology will help Scotland’s economy “shape the world”, the First Minister has said.

Her comments come as The Herald launches a campaign to celebrate the remarkable contribution the nation makes to global developments in Stem.

Over the next year our paper will highlight the achievements of our brightest academics and spotlight how research and skills development in our universities and colleges drives progress.

The campaign will also seek to encourage a new generation of enquiring minds to pursue a career in Stem.

Ms Sturgeon said: “I want Scotland to be the inventor and producer of the innovations that shape the future.

“Campaigns like this are incredibly valuable in helping to tell the stories of how Scots have shaped the world and continue to do so.

“Change and innovation are happening all around us in the workplace, the economy and our everyday lives - this is driven largely by developments in Stem.

“We know these sectors of the economy are growing quickly and it is likely that they will continue to do so and we have an opportunity to have an innovative, growing economy in Scotland.”

The First Minister urged Scotland to “seize that opportunity” by supporting the development of a skilled and adaptable workforce that can take advantage of the growing number and evolving range of Stem jobs.

“I hope this campaign will help inspire young people to do just that,” she said.

The Stem campaign, which is run in partnership with Glasgow University and City of Glasgow College, was also backed by Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow City Council.

She said Stem was a key driver for the development of skills and knowledge that were at the heart of the development of Glasgow’s future economy and prosperity.

She said: “Developing an understanding and knowledge of Stem is important to all of our daily lives and it is essential that we support our young people – tomorrow’s workforce - to become scientifically and digitally literate citizens.

“We have a very active Stem team at the council with a vision that our young people, educators and partners work collaboratively to support the development of knowledge, skills and opportunities.”

CBI Scotland also backed the campaign, saying it was vital more young people were encouraged into Stem.

A spokesman said: “It’s great to see an approach which encourages young people into these vital subjects.

“Businesses tell us access to skills is their number one concern and, if we want to build a successful modern economy, increasing uptake of Stem subjects is the foundation for that.”

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