GORDON Brown has predicted that there will be another referendum on Brexit because the people will demand a “final say” on the deal with Brussels.

The former Prime Minister’s remarks will be a boost to the People’s Vote campaign, although they did not contain any specific timescale.

Speaking in Edinburgh, Mr Brown said: "I'm pretty convinced there will be a referendum sometime. It will, in the end, be the only way to sort out the problem."

The former Labour leader added: "The people, even though they don't like the idea of a divisive referendum, will eventually demand a final say."

The campaign for a vote on the final Brexit deal has gained momentum in recent weeks.

Not only are the Liberal Democrats and some Labour MPs supporting it, Nicola Sturgeon last week threw the SNP’s weight behind the public having a say on the final deal, which, campaigners insist, must include the option of staying in the EU.

Ian Blackford, the Nationalist leader at Westminster, has denied he has changed his position on a People’s Vote – a few weeks ago he suggested he was against it – stressing how the party leadership had “firmed up” its view.