SCOTTISH Tory MPs have not been reassured by Theresa May’s insistence that the fishing industry’s concerns will be at the “forefront of our thinking” in the Brexit talks.

The Prime Minister told MPs while she did not want to extend the 21-month transition period, it might be worth doing so to remove the impasse on the Irish backstop; the last remaining obstacle to a deal.

The transition period is due to end in December 2020 but only extending it a few months would mean the UK’s fishing industry would continue to shadow the EU’s Commons Fisheries Policy until December 2021 because quotas are set in December for the following year.

Last week, David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, expressed his concern to Downing St and argued for an exemption for the fishing industry should the transition period be extended.

Conservative MPs have made clear if such an exemption were not forthcoming, they would vote down the Brexit deal.

Asked by Douglas Ross, the Conservative MP for Moray, to confirm Britain would no longer be tied to the CFP beyond December 2020, Mrs May said the concerns of fishermen were “right at the forefront of our thinking”.

But one Scottish Tory MP said: “I’m not reassured in the slightest by the PM’s words…I don’t know where they are going on this.”