Neil McSteen says lessons should be learned from the Steve Bruce affair.

It's all about loyalty, which Steve Bruce seems only to extend to himself, his family and money.

If Bruce had any notion of loyalty, Jordan would not have been able to poach him from Wigan.

Frankly, Palace are just another club to benefit, and fall victim to, the lack of commitment and sentiment currently rife in football.

We knew SE25 was merely another halfway house for Bruce on his journey to Old Trafford but a departure this early was never, ever expected and to the West Midlands as well.

We hoped hewould guide us into the Premiership before dumping us for Manchester United, once Fabio Cappello or whoever failed there.

The deal was we get our place back amongst the elite and Bruce gets his bonus and moves back North.

But no, the team that adds "Sleeping Giant" to its paltry list of club honours, somehow step into the frame.

Bruce's friendship with BCFC's chairman David Gold must have helped but something about the sideways move for the poor man's Mark McGhee just doesn't add up afterall, BCFC are no bigger than us.

Maybe Jordan could have done more in terms of transfer cash and securing Steve Vickers' transfer but the derision should be directed at the man who cheated Palace to serve his own ambition - Bruce. And Jordan should be applauded for making this act of treachery as difficult as possible.

Lesson learnt, Jordan should replace Bruce with someone who knows and has some feeling for the club. The Steve Kember/Terry Bullivant partnership surely deserves a chance but if he wants a big name disciplinarian, then George Graham will do.