First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has suggested there will not be a second independence referendum called this year. 

Ms Sturgeon had promised a “precise timescale” on a second referendum once she had clarity on the EU withdrawal deal and the political declaration on future trade relations, however, she has insisted that she must put the national interest first before calling a second vote.

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Speaking at Bute House after the Scottish Government had released analysis which suggested Scots would be £1,600 worse off post-Brexit she said: “Nearly all the difficult decisions which need to be taken about the future of our businesses and society have simply been postponed for another day, to be negotiated by the UK once we have become a third country.


“We therefore face what is effectively a blindfold Brexit, with several more years of damaging uncertainty for businesses and of UK Government still consumed by these negotiations and their own internal divisions.”

"I know there’s a huge appetite across those who support independence to see other statements made around here.

"But what’s right and proper is that I put the interests of the country first. 

“I’m not sure anyone would welcome it if I asked you all to come here on Christmas Eve to make a major statement about Scotland’s constitutional future

“I will make that statement at a time that I think is right not just for the Scottish Government or for the SNP but right for the people of Scotland.

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“I think it’s only right if we’re asking the people of Scotland to consider the question of independence then we give them as much clarity as we possibly can."

Earlier this month, The First Minister said she may not be able to overcome the UK Government’s rigid refusal to grant Holyrood the power to hold another vote before 2021.

However, she insisted that Brexit had strengthened the case for Scottish independence. 

“The cost to Scotland of not being independent have been laid bare over these past two years.

“The EU has shown independent Ireland nothing but solidarity. By contrast the UK Government has shown Scotland nothing but contempt.

“Any idea of the UK Government as an equal partnership of nations has been casualty of this Brexit process.

"Instead a Westminster Government that Scotland did not vote for is intent on pursuing a path rejected by 62% of the Scottish people, a path that will hit the Scottish economy, lower living standards, damage our NHS and restrict opportunities for this and future generations.

“And along the way, to add insult injury, Scotland’s voice is being ignored, our interests sidelined and the powers of our Parliament downgraded.

"As a result of all of that, the case for the people of Scotland having the right to determine our future have never been stronger than now."