THE Scottish Tories have denied reports they will publicly back a second Brexit referendum as early as next week.

The party spoke out amid claims both Ruth Davidson and stand-in leader Jackson Carlaw are on board with the plans.

A spokesman said: “This is categorically not the case. We do not support a second referendum on EU membership.”

It comes after the New Statesman quoted a prominent Tory MSP insisting they “hate” the English party.

They said: “When I look at what’s going on down south, I feel appalled and embarrassed.

“I’m horrified at the support for no-deal being expressed by party members.”

The magazine said the Scottish Tories will back any measure which prevents the UK crashing out of the EU.

This includes supporting a second referendum if Theresa May’s Brexit divorce deal fails to make it through Westminster.

Meanwhile, insiders said the Scottish Tories could break off from the UK party if Brexiters takes charge down south.

An MSP told the New Statesman: “An increasing number of people at the top table think we need our independence.”

Ms Davidson, who is currently on maternity leave, is known to dislike leading Brexiters such as Boris Johnson.

She publicly backed Mrs May’s deal earlier this week, tweeting: "The Prime Minister has cojones of steel and is putting in a punishing degree of effort to deliver for our country. She has my full support.”

Labour MP Ian Murray, who is campaigning for a second vote, welcomed the latest reports.

He said: "Ruth Davidson campaigned for Remain, but has since failed to stand up for the people in Scotland who will be hurt by Brexit.

“If her party is now belatedly coming round to the need for a People's Vote, that's to be welcomed.

"The Scottish Tories in Westminster have been nothing but lobby fodder who have pushed the country to the brink.

“It is now imperative that they put pressure on Theresa May to back a People's Vote.

"If they fail to do so, they will be responsible for a calamitous Brexit that will put the Union at risk."

It came as it was reported some of Mrs May’s allies want her to call a second referendum to prevent her Government from collapsing.