Glasgow City Council has confirmed that the People's Palace and the Winter Gardens are to close on December 30 with a view to reopening the People's Palace at Easter. 

Security fences have been erected around the People's Palace and Winter Gardens ahead of repair work beginning next year.

As reported exclusively by the Evening Times, the venues were due to close indefinitely over concerns for safety.

Structural engineers found that the historic glasshouse needed extensive work to bring it up to safety code. 

As the People's Palace requires access to the Winter Gardens for fire exits and sanitary facilities, it was expected to close indefinitely while a long-term plan was drawn up.

A total of £350,000 worth of funding was agreed by members of the City's Administration Committee to bring the building up to fire safety standards.

It is now expected that the People’s Palace will shut on a temporary basis while the necessary permissions are gained and adaptations are completed.

Work will take up to 12 weeks according to Glasgow city council officials. 

The Winter Gardens structure is in need of repairs as the sealant used to secure thousands of windows in the glasshouse has reached the end of its life cycle and requires wholesale replacement.

Since 2016 the gardens have had to be required to be closed during periods of high winds or heavy snow