Climate change campaigners staged a protest outside BBC Scotland’s headquarters to demand the corporation give more urgency to the “ecological emergency”.

Around 40 campaigners from the newly-formed Extinction Rebellion Scotland group gathered outside the broadcaster’s Pacific Quay to call for more impartial coverage of the matter.

Protesters carrying placards and banners bearing the words’ People Save Glasgow’ and ‘Now is the time to Act’  and ‘BBC tell the Truth’ descended at around 10 am and continued chanting and singing until 1pm.

Instruments and drums were also played in the peaceful protest outside the broadcaster’s front door.

Alistair McIntosh, one of the speakers at the event, said: “The BBC’s message has been painted as impartiality, but on one of the shows I was invited on

I found myself pitted against a climate change denier.

“It’s one thing to have freedom of speech, but it’s quite another thing to support fake news.”