There has been an outpouring of affection for Billy Connolly following the second episode of a programme profiling the comedian.

Viewers have shared their appreciation of the raconteur and musician, who is suffering from Parkinson’s and cancer.

Connolly admitted on the BBC programme that he was “near the end”, although unafraid of death. 

He also discussed his struggles to perform on stage after his Parkinson’s.

Fans watching the profile, Billy Connolly Made In Scotland, have offered tributes to the waning star of the comedy stage.

One viewer said: “Billy Connolly: Made in Scotland, brilliant tv! An incredibly funny man recounting his life as it nears the end with such warmth and some great swearing! Fantastic”

Another added: “This Billy Connolly thing on BBC is tremendous. What a man he is, transcends comedy this.”

One fan, acknowledging the health troubles of Connolly, said: “Absolutely loved Billy Connolly on tv tonight such a legend of a man. So down to earth & fighting such a cruel illness too. Respect.”

Connolly said that there were still more songs to sing, friends to make and jokes to tell in the TV show exploring his life.