A new UK based curtain + blind startup is changing the way we do home furnishings one stitch at a time. Stitched are doing their part to save our environment with their innovative approach to furnishing our homes. The company enables customers to buy customised home interiors products that are made locally from sustainable and eco accredited materials, helping to reduce the negative impact of  “fast furnishing” on the environment.

Stitched was launched in 2017 by Elinor Pitt and Will Verrill, as a solution to the alarmingly high levels of waste generated by the home furnishings industry. Over 4% of the world’s solid waste is textile waste which ends up in landfill, or worse in our oceans. The pair sought to disrupt the traditional home furnishings supply chain with a more sustainable alternative, starting with curtains + blinds.

Stitched co-founder Elinor points out “Mass production is the single biggest challenge to the environment. We’re using amazing new eco materials, a made-to-order supply chain model and forward-thinking technology to help people buy timeless products that will last, look great in their homes and are good for the environment.”


Sustainable luxury fabrics made in Yorkshire.

Stitched’s story is one of British manufacturing heritage and modern innovation. It only sells made-to-measure products made from natural, recycled and eco-accredited materials (like Rivet, a fabric made entirely from recycled plastic bottles) resulting in minimal waste from unwanted or unsold products.

Stitched emphasises the provenance of its products, providing customers with full information on where, how and what they are made from. Its fabric is made in North Yorkshire, curtains + blinds in Merseyside and hardware (tracks, poles etc.) in Devon. This results in a lower product carbon footprint, zero manufacturing/inventory waste and support for local industry.

Its fabrics have received numerous eco-certifications for their ingenuity, using fibres like Hemp (5 kg of hemp seed can be used to make up to 50 pairs of curtains), sustainably sourced wool and 100% recycled PET bottles fished from the sea. And their fabrics are all made in processes that use non-metallic dyestuffs, low water consumption and have zero landfill waste impact.

Stitched’s approach to curtains + blinds provides a crucial bridge between traditional milling, manufacturing, and sustainable innovation. And gives everyday customers the opportunity to furnish their homes with well designed, exciting products that have a positive impact on the environment.


Quality made to measure roman + roller blinds in 100+ colourful fabrics. Naturally beautiful fabrics milled in Yorkshire.

One large truck of plastic ends up in our oceans every minute and with new products like Stitched’s Rivet fabric, customers can play their part in combatting this. Co-Founder, Will, proudly points out that Rivet contains 12 recycled PET bottles per metre sq, that’s approximately 120 recycled bottles for every curtain made (and you really wouldn’t guess it’s made of plastic). This new wave of forward-thinking fabrics is gaining traction. Take Marie’s story, Chief Marketing Officer in a fast growing UK Start-up. She needed curtains for her city-based apartment:

“I’d put off ordering my curtains for 2 years. Each time I started the process, I quite quickly gave up confused by the process and frustrated by the complete lack of information online. I heard about Stitched through a colleague who mentioned “this cool new curtain start-up”. That’s not something you hear everyday, so I thought I’d check it out. The process was different to the likes of John Lewis - it seemed more straightforward, particularly the process of choosing fabric. Within 20-ish minutes of hitting the website, I’d ordered 5 free samples (all blue, of course). What’s even better, they arrived the following day.

I was amazed by the detail I was given on each of the fabrics, like what they were made of, and how and where they were made. The team even included a handwritten note in the pack. The one fabric that really stood out was called Rivet, it was made from recycled plastic. I’m wouldn’t say I’m an eco-warrior, but I am aware that there are lots of things I can do a little bit differently to reduce my impact on the environment. This was a no-brainer, the fabric looked great, it was in budget and was contributing to reducing ocean plastic waste.

With my fabric picked the rest of the process was pretty simple. Stitched has some great little measuring guides and videos. I even sent them a picture of my windows on their live chat, and they showed me exactly where to measure. The 3D curtain builder was easy enough to use and really helpful for understanding what I was buying.

The curtains arrived 3 weeks after I ordered and they look great. I never thought I’d be a curtain buff, but I love them and the story behind them!”

Stitched makes curtains, roman blinds and roller blinds from a wide range of eco-fabrics, available in 100+ different colours. So if you have a window that needs covering and are searching for something that looks great and tells a different story, it might be worth checking out - www.stitched.co.uk