Ian Blackford has accused Theresa May of being 'frozen in failure' over her attempted brokering of the Brexit deal with the EU.

The SNP leader at Westminster addressed Theresa May at PMQs blasting her decision to delay the 'doomed Brexit vote' and her failure to deliver written concessions from Brussels. 

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He said: "What the Prime Minister promised, is that we would get written concessions. That Parliament would have the opportunity to vote on that, and nothing has materialised. A month has passed and nothing has changed. 

"Last night, the Prime Minister suffered another humiliating defeat. When will the Prime Minister face the facts? There is little support for her deal or no deal in this House.

"The New Year began without concessions, the Dublin talks failed without concessions, the debate on her deal restarts today, without concessions.

"Mr Speaker, the Prime Minister is frozen in failure, asking MPs to write a blank cheque for her blindfold Brexit. 

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"MPs should not be debating without the full facts. When will the Prime Minister guarantee that this house will see the full details before we start the debate this afternoon?"

The PM said she had set her out her position on her Brexit deal and her negotiations saying that Ian Blackford and the SNP can avoid a no-deal Brexit by agreeing to her deal.