POLITICIANS have called for a pest clamp down after a rogue rodent was caught on camera scuttling through a Holyrood committee.

The mouse was spotted making its way along the bottom of a wall behind Scottish Labour's Johann Lamont and other MSPs.

Video shows the brazen critter then attempting to scale a wall as the Education Committee discussed school testing.

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Liam McArthur, whose party spotted the mouse and uploaded a clip on Twitter, said: “It’s time for Holyrood bosses to clamp down on rogue rodents.

“Mickey and co need to find a new home.”


It comes more than four years after officials rebuffed calls for a Scottish Parliament cat despite fears of a mouse infestation.

Bosses rejected pleas for a dedicated mouser in 2013, citing concerns over security doors and “cruelty to a resident cat who would not be allowed out of the building” – as well as MSPs with allergies.

Holyrood chiefs already use birds of prey to scare pigeons away from the building.

Figures from last year showed they had called in pest control experts almost 180 times since 2012.


A Scottish Parliament spokesman said: “Like most city centre premises we have pest control measures in place to keep mice at bay.

“We have traps positioned around the building, but mainly in the basement plant rooms where it is warm and more likely to attract mice.

“In practice though there are occasional sightings around the building.”