This  video shows the moments after the Maid of the Loch slipped back into Loch Lomond.

Supports for the 555-ton vessel appear to have snapped as the historic ship was being winched on to the slipway at Balloch Pier.

It's understood that the winching operation has now been abandoned for the day, with the ship being secured back at her berth at the pier itself.


One eyewitness said: "It looked like a cable snapped, and the whole vessel just slid back into the water.

"It was like watching it being launched in reverse."

According to a statement posted on the Maid of the Loch's Twitter account: "Unfortunately an incident has happened with what we believe to be the carriage and the ship is now back in the water.


"We will now secure her back to the pier to assess the situation. Thanks for your support today, updates will be provided once we know more. #maidoftheloch"

With only a few hours of daylight left, a decision was made to return the Maid to its usual berth while crew members examine what went wrong.

Bystanders suggested the problem was with the cradle at the front and they questioned whether the ship had been put up correctly.