A Glasgow ‘pick-up artist’ who filmed himself approaching women for sex in public and posted the videos online is studying a degree that would see him work with children with learning difficulties or vulnerable adults, The Herald can reveal.

Adnan “A-Game” Ahmed, 37, drew criticism online on Thursday after his YouTube Channel was featured by BBC Social.

In the videos, he urges his viewers to "master your masculine qualities", offering coaching on how to "interact with hot girls".

He describes himself having sex with women and encourages men to expose themselves to convince women to sleep with them.

One shot shows a sleeping woman next to a condom wrapper.


On Thursday night, it emerged that Ahmed is enrolled in a degree course in ‘Learning Difficulties and Disabilities’ at Fife College, overseen by Abertay University.

The course is designed to train students for careers in social care and education, and requires its students to complete placements with vulnerable children or adults.

One of his classmates, who preferred not to be named, said she would not return to college until he had been expelled.

She said: “When I found out, I was horrified and disgusted. 

“We were completely unaware that he had a YouTube channel which featured him targeting women, and considering our class is all women bar him, none of us are going back until he’s gone.”

Rhiannon Spear, an SNP councillor, accused Ahmed on Twitter of “glorifying rape culture” and posted screenshots of conversations with Ahmed’s “targets”.

One woman claimed Ahmed had pursued her on Buchanan Street in Glasgow when she was just 16.

In a statement, Police Scotland said Ahmed’s “predatory behaviour” was the subject of a formal investigation.

Police called the videos “shameful and unacceptable” and said they would “undoubtedly cause significant fear and alarm”.

“No one should be subjected to this. We are investigating but our enquiries are at a very early stage,” the statement said.

Ahmed is a former rapper using the stage name ‘Hydro’, and was jailed in 2010 for almost three years for firearm offences and cocaine dealing.

A police raid on his house in 2009 found more than £7,000 worth of cannabis and cocaine, as well as two stun guns for which Ahemd did not have a firearms certificate.


On Thursday night, a woman claiming to be Ahmed’s mother said she did not have any contact details for him and did not know the the last time she had seen him or where he lived.

She described her son as a “stupid person”.

A Fife College spokeswoman said: “Fife College is aware of the offensive online material and has been undertaking an investigation in accordance with its Student Disciplinary Procedure. 

“As that investigation is underway, it would be inappropriate for us to comment on the specific case at this time.  

"Fife College is committed to promoting positive behaviour amongst its students and we have a very clear policy that sets out our expectations of our students.  

“The College will take appropriate action against any student who uses abusive language or behaves in a sexually offensive manner.”

An Abertay University spokesman said it was aware of the police investigation but declined to comment on Ahmed’s behaviour.