Detectives are planning to excavate land in West Dunbartonshire in the search for a teenager who vanished more than 40 years ago.

Mary Duncan disappeared from her home in Bonhill on 19 March 1976.

Despite police carrying out an investigation, she has never been found. 

However, her sisters have said that police are preparing a dig in the hope of finding her remains. 

Her sisters told BBC Scotland police are planning to excavate land in the area in the search for Mary, who would have turned 60 this Saturday.

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Marion McFarlane told the broadcaster: "It would be wonderful for us to get her back, especially at this time.

"We should be having a birthday party, buying balloons and celebrating Mary's 60th birthday with her and her children and maybe grandchildren.

"That's a whole generation that is missing from our family."

Mary, who had a 13-month-old daughter, vanished after telling her family she was going to meet a friend. Her baby later died of natural causes.

Sister Debbie Rennick told the BBC: "Over the years we've come to realise she is no longer alive. But this investigation gaining momentum has given us hope that we might get some kind of resolution."

Mandy Duncan added: "We just want to finish it and bring her home so our family is complete again."

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "We are not in a position to confirm any details. This is still an ongoing inquiry."