Private publishing companies are seeking to make a profit out of families following the introduction of controversial primary assessments, an expert has said.

Sue Palmer, chairwoman of the educational charity Upstart Scotland, said the publication of P1 literacy and numeracy guides for parents were playing on their anxieties.

She said: "It is already causing parental anciety because commercial companies have created publications so that parents can help their children with development.

"Once you do standardised national testing parents know their children are being tested and that creates pressure on the pupils, parents and teachers.

"That is seen as a commerical advantage for some companies who produce books or even computer apps advising parents how to help their child prepare for the tests.

"It is directing people's attention to a very small strand of what should be going on in a P1 classroom or in the home and the enjoyment of reading, which is so important at that age, will be lost."