This is the stunning picture of the vibrant Northern Lights as they were visible over parts of the Scottish Highlands.

The incredible natural light display was captured by landscape photographer Andrew McGavin in Fort William last night. 

Mr McGavin, 50, said he snapped pictures of the Aurora at its peak, around 10.30pm, as the skies were completely clear. 

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"Last night was as clear as a bell, and the apps all went crazy, so I went for a look.

"It is unusual for Fort William to be as clear as that, the lights were clearly visible to the naked eye."

He created a composite picture, made up of four of his images, to create a panorama of the town. 

Aurora displays appear in many colours but pale green and pink are the most common.

Views of the Northern Lights are often obscured by heavy clouds in the atmosphere but Andrew says the clear skies allowed his to photograph the beautiful dancing light. 

The lights were clearly visible across other parts of Scotland.


Banton Loch, North Lanarkshire (Photo: Cat Perkinton/SWNS)