The Scottish National Party's Westminster leader Ian Blackford has blasted Labour's stance during Brexit stating that the party has become a facilitator of a Tory Brexit.

He said: "Jeremy Corbyn's confirmation that he will throw support behind Theresa May's disastrous Brexit deal is a severe blow to businesses, workers and people across the UK who are rightly concerned over the impact of Brexit.

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"The attempt by the Labour leader to mask this as anything other than support for a Tory-driven, economy-wrecking Brexit deal is utterly disingenuous.

"Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has shifted from being the Official Opposition to the official facilitator for a Tory hard Brexit that will hit jobs and living standards across the UK."

Mr Blackford repeated calls for Theresa May to take the threat of a no-deal Brexit off the table and urged Labour "to work with the other opposition parties in holding this Tory government to account".


"It is clear that under every scenario Brexit will leave us all worse off - there is no such thing as a good Brexit," said Mr Blackford.

"If Jeremy Corbyn is intent on helping Theresa May drag Scotland off the Brexit cliff-edge, then it will demonstrate yet again that Scotland's national interests can only be protected with independence."

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Scotland's Constitutional Relations Secretary Mike Russell has accused UK ministers of living in a "fantasy world" over EU withdrawal.

Following a meeting of the Joint Ministerial Council (JMC) in London, Mr Russell said: "There needs to be a sense of reality in the UK Government.

"It is like a fantasy world in there. They do not realise the problems they are causing.

"What it is is an abdication of responsibility."

Referring to the JMC meeting, Mr Russell said: "I know no more now than I did when I went in there.

"There is no indication of what the Prime Minister is seeking to achieve in Brussels because she can't achieve what she says she is going to achieve.

"I think that we are in an incredibly grave situation with a group of people who, frankly, I wouldn't send for the messages."

He added: "The reality of the situation now is that we have to talk very seriously about a no deal because it doesn't seem the people who are charged with getting a deal to know what they are doing."

Mr Russell said Article 50 needs to be extended, stating: "Quite clearly what the Prime Minister should do now, instead of wasting her time talking about things which won't happen, is, first of all seek an extension to Article 50, which she can do, she's in Brussels.

"Then she has got to rule out a no deal."

Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesman Tom Brake also hit back at the Labour party saying: "Jeremy Corbyn has turned his back on the millions of Labour members and voters who demand a better future than Tory Brexit Britain.

"He has chosen to forget that Labour conference voted for the party to campaign for a people's vote after failing to secure a general election.

"Brexit must not be agreed through a stitch-up between the two old parties. The public deserves a people's vote with the option to remain in the EU."