Victims of a serial sex predator have called for a full-scale review of his activities after he was convicted for a second time of abusing children while he was a teacher.

Peter Toner, 61, from Glasgow, was found guilty of sexually abusing five boys, as well as assaulting a sixth when he was house master at the former St Columba’s College in Largs.

Known only as "Brother Peter" to his victims, Toner controlled the boys and manipulated them with horror films, threats of violence and punishments between 1980 and 1982.

Now several of his victims have spoken out about their time at the hands of the paedophile and have urged authorities to look into his other activities, including his time teaching at a boarding school in Kenya and when he ran a football club in Glasgow.

Several men broke down in tears as they told a court earlier this month about the abuse they suffered.

One victim, now in his late 40s, said: “He abused me, without any sort of repercussions, for years. He terrified all of us boys and brainwashed us.

“He is a very dangerous man, who has clearly conned people into thinking he is a normal member of society. Any other children he has worked with need to be questioned and if anything happened to them they need to get help.

“There is no doubt in my mind that he will have continued abusing children after he left Largs.”

In 2000, Toner worked at Peponi school – a private school in Kenya – and taught science there for 13 years.

When he returned to Scotland, he joined the SNP and was an active member of the Provan branch. Online, he regularly posted about independence and referred to many members of the party as "good friends", posing for photographs with some of its most prominent politicians.

His victims say this was a ploy to “seem like a normal member of society”.

In May 2018, Toner was arrested at his home in Queenslie, Glasgow, and in June was sentenced to more than three years in jail for abusing two boys at St John’s Beaumont Preparatory School, Old Windsor, Berkshire, between 1987 and 1993. Scottish police had already started investigating the paedophile after receiving a phone call in 2017 about allegations of abuse while he was teaching in Largs.

His Scottish victims, now in their 40s and 50s, say there is “no doubt” he abused other children elsewhere, and described him as “a complete animal”.

One man, who went to the school when he was nine, was assaulted by Toner and beaten regularly.

He said: “Any interactions at all that he has had with children need to be looked at. He cannot get away with it any longer, and other children who may be his victims need help.

“The most appalling thing about him is that he has been allowed to swan around between institutions, doing these horrific things and getting away with it. It makes me feel sick that he’s been allowed to do that.

“When he was at my school, I complained several times, and nobody did anything. I tried to get help, but it was pointless. They did nothing.

“He just ruled that place with an iron fist. Being at that school was like being in one of his horror films.”

While working at the religious school, Toner manipulated his young victims by forcing them to watch ultra-violent and graphic horror films at the weekends. He showed children as young as six years old films such as The Omen, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Driller Killer.

Witnesses told the court that he would sit on a couch in the TV room at the boarding house, and “cuddle up” to the petrified children during the sessions.

One victim, who now lives in England, said: “These weren’t the types of things that children should be watching. Absolutely terrifying films, people getting their heads drilled into, their faces eaten off, children being murdered.

“Everyone was absolutely petrified all the time. The whole place was scary, the house we stayed in was scary and if you didn’t watch the films, he would just say you had to go to bed alone, which nobody wanted to do. If you tried to hide behind the couch or anything, he would shout at you to come and watch the film. He was warned to stop showing us the movies, but he didn’t listen.”

During his trial this week, Toner also revealed he ran a football club in Glasgow before he joined St Columba’s and had brought the team to the school to play against the pupils.

His victims have urged police to contact children involved in the team to find out if anyone else was abused.

The Herald on Sunday contacted Police Scotland about whether they had investigated other incidents of abuse. However, they could not confirm before we went to print.

Peponi House school wrote to parents of almost 400 pupils last year, apologising after they discovered he had been charged with sexual abuse at the English boarding school.

At the time, the school said it carried out all the appropriate checks before hiring Toner in 2000 – before any of his past crimes were identified.

Robert Blake, headmaster at Peponi House, said this week that he believes no abuse took place during the 13 years Toner was a teacher.

He said: “We have got all our policies and procedures and follow everything to the letter.

"The long and short of it is we have done our own work on this and as far as we can establish, when he was here, we don’t think he did anything. I don’t want to say any more than that.”