An Orange Order parade is to go past St Alphonsus Church in Calton where a priest was spat on last July.

It is the first march that will pass the church since a man was convicted of assault last month.

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Bradley Wallace, 24, assaulted Canon Tom White during the annual Boyne Parade last year.

Marches were ordered to be re-routed following the incident on police advice about potential protests but no objection was offered for the march by Orange and Purple District 37 this Saturday.

Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty, Divisional Commander for Greater Glasgow, said: “While the approval for any parade route is a matter for Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland has offered no objection in respect of this application.

“Our detailed planning is well underway and our officers are working closely with the Orange Order and the City Council to facilitate the parade.

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“We have engaged with other stakeholders, including the Archdiocese of Glasgow, as part of our planning process.”

The Archdiocese declined to comment on the parade.