IT'S just two weeks until some of Scotland's coolest adventurers are set to take the stage for a uniquely cool night of entertainment.

The Herald on Sunday has lined up extreme adventurer Aldo Kane, wild swimmer Calum Maclean, explorer Hazel Robertson and parkour athlete Robbie Griffith for the first of our Cool Conversations series.

In our debut event on March 1, Kane will join the three other panelists to share their tips, insights, and answer burning questions from audience members on how they manage to pull off unimaginable feats and stunts.

Kane, 30, was given the top spot in our Cool List, which is the basis for the new series of talks and debates.

He is set to tell audience members all about becoming an adventurer, how he manages to achieve the impossible and what working with some of South America's real narcos was actually like in the flesh.

Maclean, a wild swimmer, is set to talk about making the transition from a regular job to plunging into ice-cold lakes for a living, while Hazel Robertson will share her experiences as the Royal Scottish Geographic Society's explorer in residence.

The youngest of our panel, 18-year-old Robbie Griffith shot to fame online when he did his own free-running take on Trainspotting's famous Choose Life scene.

The film shows the parkour athlete leaping, rolling, flying and careering through Edinburgh streets while carrying out breathtaking stunts.

Based around our Cool List, and staged by the prestigious Edinburgh Grand Hotel, attendees will get the chance to share some time, and a cocktail or two, with these boundary-pushing adventurers.

Other Cool Conversations events will bring together some of the country's coolest writers, musicians, mindfulness gurus, bloggers and creatives.

  • Tickets, priced at £20, are selling fast but can still be reserved online at
  • If you want to ask a question on the night, email us at with your idea. Remember to leave your name and where you live, and we'll pick a selection to put to our panel.