Anna Maria Corazza Bildt dubbed Nigel Farage as the "biggest liar in Europe" in a heated Brexit debate. 

Asked during a Euronews debate if people had voted for Brexit despite the fact they could be worse off Farage said: “We voted for Brexit despite the fact the whole world, including President Obama, told us we’d be catastrophically worse off.

“And we said ‘you know what? Even if you’re right we still want to be an independent nation." 

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“So we ignored them, we said we’re gonna vote for Brexit and you’ve got… the same phenomenon you see through the centuries, whenever you get a big political change out there that people want, the establishment always say ‘don’t do it, it’ll be disastrous’.”

Speaking at the event, Farage said that concerns of investment leaving the UK weren't happening. He said: “We were told in the referendum campaign four million jobs would go from the City quickly.

“At the moment a few hundred have now gone and what you’ve now got is mass investment from the world’s biggest financial services companies.

“Deutsche Bank has just spent like £20m on a huge building in the City.”

Speaking to other members on the panel, he said: "Stop lying about the City. It’s not happening.”

But the Swedish MEP, Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, who sits on the European People’s Party’s working group on Brexit, said: “That’s really amazing, the biggest liar in Europe.”

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“40 days before Brexit people are giving these bulls**t slogans.

“It is so irresponsible. People want responsible politicians who give complete answers and solutions and you are still cheating.”

“There is rising consensus, or stable consensus, throughout the European Union for the European Union, including in Hungary. 

“There are pro-European movements that are rising all over Europe. They get less attention than the populists, ‘cause that’s the media logic.

“And I think that there’s a BTP factor, I think – Brexit, Trump, Putin. People don’t want them to run their children’s future. And they will stand up in front of such a Russia, such a China and such a United States, unfortunately, as well – our friends and allies.

“It’s better to be together. So I do consider and really believe that Brexit is the vaccine for the rest of Europe. It is not contagious.”

The Brexit debate was hosted by Euronews