A MUSICAL collaboration between the Scottish band Chvrches and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (SSO) will be the first item to be broadcast on the new BBC Scotland channel.

The band will perform their song Miracle in a new arrangement, alongside the SSO, alongside a "visual celebration of contemporary Scotland."

It means Chvrches’ singer Lauren Mayberry will be the first voice to be heard on the channel as it goes out at 7pm, on 24 February.

The channel is calling the performance Beginning.

Iain Cook, of Chvrches, said: “ We were asked to do this with the BBC SSO and immediately jumped at the opportunity.

"First and foremost because of the prestige of being able to launch the new BBC Scotland channel and also from a musician’s point of view, getting to work with an incredible orchestra and to hear our song arranged by a really talented orchestrator.

"The whole thing was appealing to us on many levels.”

Tony Nellany, the BBC Scotland channel manager and commissioning executive, said: "This exclusive performance for BBC Scotland is a terrific celebration of creativity and culture and a wonderful way to open Scotland’s new channel.

"It is a unique collaboration between synth pop and classical music and it is a visual and aural treat. It is a fantastic celebration of Scotland, its people, its landscapes and its talent."

The film lasts 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Mr Cook and arranger Paul Campbell worked together on the piece, which features the band and a 76 strong contingent of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra encompassing strings, woodwind, brass and percussion.

Mr Campbell, who also conducted the BBC SSO for this project, said: “Personally, it’s always a real joy to collaborate with talented creative people across the arts. Director Oscar Sansom’s clear and vibrant vision for the film was totally infectious from the outset, as I crafted the musical build in the orchestra around phenomenal visuals of modern Scotland.”