Amid yesterday’s sound and fury Mrs May has for the first time explicitly put both a way for the House of Commons to block a no-deal Brexit, and to extend the Article 50 period, on the table. 

Both are news, as is the slight shift in Labour policy the night before in changing its language on a second EU referendum if no other way out presents itself.

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But she’s put them on the table in a way that makes using them almost impossible and keeps her in charge. 

Her focus remains on finding a new dollop of fudge that will get her deal through.  Her deal is disastrous and will have us exit with no clear idea of the future, but exit with a deal guarantees a two-year period whereby our rights will remain the same, hence in these short-termist times business and some politicians are so much in favour of it. 

But where the sky might not fall in immediately, be in no doubt all Mrs May’s deal does is kick the can two years towards a new cliff edge. Nonetheless, the prospect of a delay, giving us more time to turn this around, did nudge up a notch or so yesterday, so we need to be ready for all eventualities. 

The SNP is accordingly putting a list of candidates together for the European elections in May, should we participate, and I am indeed putting myself forward as a candidate.  

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If I’m selected, I’ll be at my post fighting to bring some sense to this, highlighting that there’s no good Brexit.  Scotland’s interests are assuredly best served by remaining in the EU.

If Mrs May does succeed in removing us against our will, having done all we can within the UK constitution, then we’ll have another choice to make. 
That’s a campaign I want to be part of.

Alyn Smith is an SNP MEP for Scotland