What do the parkour guy, the wild swimmer, the bloke who thrives on fear and the explorer-in-residence all have in common? They're among the coolest people in the country and they all have a story to tell.

All-round extreme guy Aldo Kane, wild swimmer Calum Maclean, explorer Hazel Robertson and parkour athlete Robbie Griffith took party in the first of the Herald on Sunday's Cool Conversations series.

Kane, 30, was named the coolest person in Scotland by The Herald on Sunday’s Cool List last year – and that celebration of the best of Scotland is the basis for the new series of talks and debates.

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The youngest member of our panel was 18-year-old Robbie Griffith, who shot to fame online when he did his own free-running take on Trainspotting’s famous Choose Life scene. 

Other Cool Conversations events will bring together some of the country’s coolest writers, musicians, mindfulness gurus, bloggers and creatives.

You can watch highlights of the event here.