THE parties fighting hardest against a new parking tax are also the ones who enjoy the most free parking at the Scottish Parliament, it has emerged.

The Greens, who back a workplace parking levy, accused the Tories, Labour and the LibDems of “duplicity” on the issue.

In a recent four-week period, 74 per cent of Tory MSPs used Holyrood’s car park at least once, as did 61% of Labour and 60% of LibDem MSPs.

Only 37% of SNP MSPs did so - although ministers can get official cars - and none of the Greens MSPs.

The minority SNP administration agreed to empower councils to set a WPL as part of a deal with the Greens on the 2019/20 budget, with NHS workers and hospitals exempt.

The only other WPL in the UK, in Nottingham, sees employers with more than 10 bays charged £415 each per year, with many firms passing on the costs to staff.

Green Mark Ruskell said: “Over a thousand people walk, cycle, get the bus, and train to Holyrood every day while the majority of Tory, Labour and LibDem MSPs hog the car park.

“Having access to a free city centre car parking space is a privilege that is unavailable to most hardworking families. Some MSPs need to look beyond their own windscreens and support measures that invest in public transport options for all.”