Scottish ministers have backed a Scottish Government motion calling for Theresa May rule out a no-deal Brexit

MSPs have voted to oppose Theresa May's Brexit deal as well as backing an extension for Article 50. 

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MSPs also voted in favour of the UK Government removing the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. 

The motion from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon branded the prospect of a no-deal Brexit "completely unacceptable" and also urged the UK Government to extend the Article 50 deadline "so that agreement can be reached on the best way forward to protect the interests of Scotland, Wales and the UK as a whole".

Opening the debate earlier today, Nicola Sturgeon called for the rejection of Theresa May's deal in favour of a second vote on the EU referendum stating that "The Scottish Government has made clear that we see continued EU membership as the best outcome for Scotland and the UK.

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"And if it can’t be secured for the UK as a whole, we believe that option should be open to Scotland as an independent country."

MSPs voted 87 - 29 in favour of the motion by the First Minister. 

An amendment filed by Jackson Carlaw's lost by 89 votes to 29 with no abstentions.