The European Parliament is set to retain an office in Scotland after Brexit according to reports. 

According to the BBC, the parliament's Edinburgh operation will stay open until at least 2020. 

MEPs are said to be in favour of keeping the office open to provide advice to EU citizens living in Scotland and allowing Scottish organisations to maintain links with the EU post-Brexit.

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The decision taken by the European parliament's president, Antonio Tajani, has been welcomed by the Scottish government who said they hoped the office would become permanent.

HeraldScotland: European parliament to keep Scotland office after BrexitEuropean parliament to keep Scotland office after Brexit

A spokesperson for the Scottish government said: "We are pleased that the European Parliament is to retain its office in Edinburgh and hope that it will maintain a permanent presence."

A temporary reprieve is set to end at the end of 2020. 

Labour MEP, David Martin, said that the move made "absolute sense" as EU laws will still be applied up to 2020 if Brexit goes ahead with a deal. 

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He also added that it made sense as the European Parliament would also be aware of the political situation in Scotland with the SNP government seeking independent membership of the EU.

SNP MEP, Alyn Smith, said the decision "proves the active interest in what's going on in Scotland"

The European Commission has already decided to close its office in Scotland, despite efforts by the first minister and others to keep it open. It will, however, maintain an office in London.