Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed the idea of a so-called wildcat independence referendum at FMQs. 

It comes after Keith Brown, the SNP depute leader, suggested that a referendum could occur even if it was rejected by the UK Government

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Keith Brown said: “If we want to have a referendum, then we decide we’re going to have a referendum.” and that Brexit could become “normalised” if the Yes movement “didn’t go relatively soon” for independence.

However, the idea of such a referendum seemed to be dismissed by Nicola Sturgeon at FMQs. 

When quizzed by opposition during First Minister's Questions, Nicola Sturgeon said: "The legal basis for the next independence referendum should be the same as the basis for the last independence referendum. 

"And the only reason we're talking about this issue is the disgracefully anti-democratic stance of the Conservatives, who refuse to recognise a mandate at two elections and endorsed by this Parliament."

When responding to claims that the SNP were obsessed with the idea of a second independence referendum, the First Minister said: "Let me tell Jackson Carlaw what my obsession is right now. It's saving Scotland from the disaster of a Tory Brexit."

The First Minister was also quizzed over the idea of a Scottish currency in an independent Scotland. 

Jackson Carlaw asked what a Scottish currency would do for mortgages,  while Richard Leonard claimed that the SNP planned to use the pound without a central bank.

Responding to questions on the use of a different currency in an independent Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon said: "I think Scotland should have the ability to choose the arrangements on currency, and on everything else, that best suit our needs and interests. That is the very essence of independence."

She also called for the Conservatives and Labour to work with the SNP to rule out a no-deal Brexit, branding Scottish Labour "a pale echo of the Scottish Conservatives."

She said: "In 2014, they told us an independent Scotland couldn't use Sterling in a currency union. Now they tell us we can't use Sterling without a currency union, and we can't have our own currency. Scotland must be the only country in the world that couldn't have any currency."

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"Let me tell Richard Leonard exactly what the position will be in an independent Scotland. Until a democratically-elected Scottish Parliament decides otherwise, we will use the pound, which is our currency, just as it is the currency of other parts of the UK."

Speaking to the chamber the First Minister added: "In just 22 days Scotland is due to be taken out of the EU against our will. There is still no sign of an agreement on withdrawal issues, no guarantee of a transitional phase, and no clarity on our future relationship.

"Richard Leonard asks questions about independence. I'm happy to talk about independence any day. But people across Scotland are worried right now about Brexit, and yesterday a member of his backbenches told us he's so desperate that he's actually trying to stop his own party conference openly debating Brexit."