JEREMY Corbyn does not have a "shred or ounce or iota of hate" in his heart, Palestine's chief diplomat has insisted. 

Dr Husam Zomlot launched a heartfelt defence of the Labour leader as his party continues to be engulfed in rows over anti-Semitism. 

Speaking at a fringe meeting during the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee, Mr Zomlot said he first met Mr Corbyn 20 years ago and described him as "dignified but modest man".

He said: "Any cause that has to do with the rights of people, with equality, with fighting racism and hatred – Jeremy Corbyn is there, under the rain, under the most severe circumstances. 

"You want to tell me that person has hate in his heart? No. 

"That's the person I know for a long period of time."

Mr Zomlot is the de facto Palestinian ambassador to the UK, and was previously its envoy in Washington before the Trump administration shut down the diplomatic mission and revoked his visa.

His comments came as Labour peers wrote an open letter to Mr Corbyn describing his party's handling of anti-Semitism complaints as an "embarrassing mess". 

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission is considering launching a formal investigation into whether Labour has "unlawfully discriminated" against Jewish people.

At a fringe Labour meeting chaired by Pauline McNeill MSP, Dr Zomlot received a standing ovation from delegates after delivering a speech.

He said he sensed "some hesitation today among our friends, who worry that their support for Palestinian rights will be misconstructed".

Quoting US Senator Bernie Sanders, he said anti-Semitism "is being used to stifle debate about Israel". 

But he added: "Let me be clear here: anti-Semitism is real. It is absolutely real. And like all forms of bigotry and racism, it is abhorrent. 

"There is no 'but' here. There is absolutely no 'but' here. It is real and it must be fought."

He added: "There is no contradiction in fighting anti-Semitism and also fighting for the Palestinian cause. It is the same struggle."

He later insisted: "I 100 per cent believe that Jeremy Corbyn has no shred or ounce or iota of hate."