Prime Minister Theresa May has said she will be voting for her motion on a no-deal Brexit.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asked how she would vote tonight.

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She said: "I will be voting for the motion in my name."

The Prime Minister earlier defended her deal in the face of a hostile question form Tory backbencher John Baron.

Mr Baron (Basildon and Billericay) pushed Theresa May to back a no-deal Brexit, saying "no deal is better than a bad deal".

Mrs May agreed no deal was better than a bad deal but insisted her deal was a good deal.

She said: "I want to leave the EU with a good deal - I believe we have a good deal."

Mrs May, with her voice still croaky, later said Mr Corbyn repeatedly votes in a way that "brings no-deal closer" and said his proposals have been rejected by MPs.

She added: "I may not have my own voice but I do understand the voice of the country.

"They want to leave the European Union, end free movement, have our own trade policy, ensure laws are made in this country and judged in our courts.
"That's what the deal delivers, that's what I continue to work to deliver.

"He used to believe that too, why is he just trying to frustrate it?"

Mr Corbyn, in his reply, said: "I do have sympathy with the Prime Minister on her voice and I hope it soon recovers, I understand how painful this is."
In his concluding remarks, Mr Corbyn said: "The Prime Minister's deal has failed, she no longer has the ability to lead, this is a rudderless government in the face of a huge national crisis."

He added the Commons needs to listen to the country, including workers and EU nationals who are fearful for their futures, saying of Mrs May: "She needs now to show leadership.

"So can the Prime Minister tell us exactly what her plan is now?"

Mrs May reiterated votes were planned on a no-deal Brexit and extending Article 50, adding: "There will be hard choices for this House but this House will need to determine what its view is on the way forward."

She said the Government will continue to work to leave the EU with a "good deal", adding on Mr Corbyn: "He doesn't agree with Government policy, he doesn't even agree with Labour Party policy.

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"He has nothing to offer this country."

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said a no deal "will result in unprecedented harm".

He said: "Does the Prime Minister really want to be the first Prime Minister in history to deliberately plunge the UK economy into recession?"

Referring to the Chancellor's Spring Statement, Mrs May replied: "I'm pleased to say that will show the strength of the UK economy... of which Scotland is able to participate as a member of the UK."

Mr Blackford replied: "In 16 days the UK runs the risk of crashing out of the EU with a no-deal and we know from the Government's own analysis that that will crash the economy.

"Why doesn't the Prime Minister show some leadership today, do the right thing and whip all her MPs to take no deal off the table on 29th March and forever?"

Mrs May responded: "You can only take no deal off the table by doing one of two things: revoke Article 50 which means betraying the vote of the referendum or agree a deal. (He) wants to take no deal off the table, he should have voted for the deal."