Mhairi Black has called yesterday's Brexit vote an absolute embarrassment for the Prime Minister saying that the defeat was "an absolute riddy"

She tweeted: "It’s an absolute riddy that the Prime Minister tabled tonight’s motion and ended up voting against it. The entire thing was just another ploy to try and scare the ERG into voting for her deal yesterday. An absolute embarrassment"

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The use of the word 'riddy' by an MP, which means, getting a red face because of embarrassment, has been criticised by some on social media, with Mhairi Black tweeting: "Mental how many grown men are in my mentions absolutely triggered by the word riddy"

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And Ian Blackford also blasted Theresa May following the shambolic evening in the Commons which saw 321 to 278 vote against the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. 

He said that "this was a prime minister with her head in the sand" and that the PM simply "didn't get it" 

In January MPs voted against her deal by a whopping 230 votes, the biggest defeat ever for a Prime Minister.