European media have criticised the UK Government following a night of Brexit chaos at Westminster. 

Last night, the Commons first voted on an amendment to reject the UK exiting the EU without a deal under any circumstances, by a margin of four.

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This resulted in the last minute change to the government's original motion - which had stated that the UK should not leave the EU without a deal on 29 March. As a result, the government asked Conservative MPs to vote against their own motion, to try and keep no deal on the table.

However, the updated motion, to reject a no-deal Brexit under any circumstances, was passed by 321 to 278, a majority of 43, in yet another humbling defeat for Theresa May

The news and reported 'pandemonium' in the voting chambers, was not well received by many in Europe. Here's how the night of Brexit chaos was covered by foreign media. 


French newspaper, Liberation had strong words for Theresa May writing: “For the second time in two months, Theresa May, Her Majesty's Premier, had just seen her plan for a negotiated exit from the UK of the European Union rejected by the House of Commons and her leadership scorned, bringing closer the moment when, sick as she is, torn apart that she happens to be also between the two opposite wings of her party, she would finish, confessing herself vanquished, by throwing in the towel.”

El Mundo

Spanish newspaper, El Mundo blasted the overall Brexit strategy of the UK saying: "Voting in favour of a Brexit without agreement is like the Titanic voting in favour of the iceberg getting out of the way. After listening to the comments of some deputies, the 27 and the community institutions remain stunned."

De Standaard

Belgian paper De Standaard wrote: “It seems that every Brexit mood becomes more chaotic and dramatic. Yesterday, May not only lost control of conservative members of parliament but also of her own ministers.”

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Suddeutsche Zeitung

German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung wrote: The defeat shows how weak May's position is now.  It is expected that this order will be issued. The bill stipulates that May seeks a respite should Parliament terminate the treaty by 20 . March did not approve in a third attempt. In addition, the bill warns that in case of an extension beyond the 30, In June, the British would have to vote for the European Parliament in May. That's what May wants to avoid. MEPs can, however, change the requirements on Thursday by means of applications. EU leaders could respond to a request for a postponement at their summit meeting at the end of next week. But first Brussels would like to hear from May a convincing reason for a shift.


Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant said that panic had broken out during the vote: "In the motion, the government had proposed to remove a No Deal from the table on March 29, but when members of parliament had succeeded in replacing 'March 29' with 'forever', panic broke out."

Irish Times

The Irish Times wrote: "The failure of the British government and opposition to come together at a time of great national peril indicates that something is truly rotten in the state of politics in that country."

Politico (European edition) 

US political site, Politico, covered the story in their European edition writing: "The Brexit negotiation is "over" and the U.K. must now tell the EU what relationship it wants before asking for an extension to Article 50, the bloc's negotiator Michel Barnier told MEPs today.

"Barnier was responding to the second thumping rejection of the Brexit deal — with added legal assurances for the U.K. on the Irish backstop — agreed between London and Brussels."