A Scottish ice cream company have taken St Patrick's Day celebrations to a whole new level by launching a Guinness flavoured sorbet. 

Containing four cans of the famous beer in every five litres, it's the perfect boozy treat for those visiting Mackie’s of Scotland’s parlour in Aberdeen this month.

Pauline Macleod, New Product Development Technologist, said: “We used a neutral base for the sorbet, so it really does taste like Guinness. Specifically the froth of the Guinness - only slightly sweeter.

“The sorbet very smooth - just like Guinness. We achieved this by making it at a lower temperature and freezing it for longer.”

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The luxury ice cream brand experimented with a few different recipes when creating the Irish-influenced dessert, playing with the quantities of Guinness and trying flavouring ice cream as well as sorbet.

Pauline added: “We found that, the ice cream masked the flavour too much, whereas a plain sorbet base really helped the Guinness notes stand out and gave a great mouth feel.

“So often, flavoured treats don’t actually taste like the food that they’re based on – but we were keen for that not to be the case, so we used the real thing to achieve the true Guinness flavour. We’re delighted with the end result.”

Yvette Harrison, Parlour Manager at 19.2, said: “We trialled the flavour for the first time last year and it was such a hit with parlour customers that we knew we had to bring it back.

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“Anyone who’s sad about missing out on trying the hit flavour last year should get themselves down to 19.2 while stocks last!”

Mackie’s 19.2 is no stranger to experimenting with flavours, having brought out a Brussels Sprout ice cream last Christmas and a Haggis and Marmalade ice cream for Burns Night.

Mackie’s 19.2 is a licensed parlour and so this new sorbet is only available to those aged 18 and older. It will be available to buy from Sunday.