A group campaigning against anti-Catholic bigotry have criticised a decision to allow a Protestant Loyal Order group to march past a Catholic church in Glasgow

Members of the Call It Out group revealed their disappointment that proposed march by members of Glasgow's Royal Black Preceptory No.288 group were given the go-ahead for a procession past St Mary's RC Church in the east end of the city. 

Council representatives have said that when consulting with Police Scotland officers raised no objections with the route. 

As a result campaigners are calling for all marches held by Protestant groups such as this to be rerouted away from Catholic churches. 

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A spokeswoman for the group told the Evening Times: "Our campaign isn't only opposing Orange walks, we are more interested in the long-standing structural issues which mean our community is more likely to be poor, suffer from some health issues, and is disproportionately represented in prison. 

"However, this issue is in our face. Ours is a reasonable position. We are not seeking to ban the Orange Order or walks of this kind, we are simply saying they are anti-Catholic groups so shouldn't be marching past Catholic churches, of which there are less than 60 in Glasgow. 

"It is exactly the same as a far-right group going past a synagogue or mosque, which people would rightly say is unacceptable. We are not seeking to limit their rights, but simply saying things should be balanced up and that they won't be routed past Catholic churches. 

"We need a longer-term solution to this problem." 

The route was due to begin on Tullis Street in Glasgow, before travelling along Main Street, past Bridgeton Cross, and along London Road, Feilden Street, Millerston Street, Duke Street and Bellgrove Street before travelling past St Mary's on Abercromby Street.

Marching past St Mary's RC Church is particularly problematic given its proximity to St Alphonsus', in Calton, where a supporter of an Orange Order march assaulted Canon Tom White. 

St Mary's RC is one of the other churches looked after by the Canon. 

However, according to Glasgow City Council's website the procession proposal has been withdrawn by the Royal Black Preceptory. 

A proposed counter-protest, which was due to be held outside St Mary's RC on Saturday, has been called off, with Call It Out welcoming the news. 

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The spokeswoman added: "We are delighted that the march has been called off and with a bit of good will we believe we can get past this.

"However, we do believe that this route should not have been approved."

The Royal Black Institution have said that the march was postponed due to delays in the delivery of a new banner for the group, but declined to comment on the route of the procession. 

They could not confirm whether the march would go ahead at a later date. 

Glasgow City Council confirmed that the march will no longer take place, but that organiser from the order had properly notified them of their plans. 

A spokesman said: “The organiser withdrew the procession last week.”