While most rural areas complain that the young leave for the city, a growing tribe of around 40 surfers in the Hebrides are bucking the trend.

Some are natural born islanders, but the majority have moved to the islands attracted by the waves and the way of life.

Many of these surfers have travelled the world, surfed some of its best breaks and stayed in places that some would class as paradise, yet they have chosen to stay or move to Lewis.

Ms Maynard’s intimate portraits capture each surfer’s character and the event in their life that triggered their move north.

But the large mixed media diptychs are not just about the surfers and their stories, they’re also portraits of their favourite waves in motion.

Wave Migration, a new exhibition at An Lanntair in Stornoway by painter, screen printer and surfer Laura Maynard, explores the appeal of Hebridean surf culture to this growing community, and tells their stories through large-scale portraits and mixed media pieces.

She said: “For the surfers originally from Lewis this sport, lifestyle and passion was a key factor in their decision to stay when so many of their peers decided to leave.

"I’ve not travelled extensively, but I’ve always been fascinated why the surfers who have come to make their homes in Lewis and chose here over the warmer or more well-known destinations like Cornwall, the Canaries or Australia.

“Here in the Hebrides we still have wilderness and solitude which are the reasons many people get into surfing in the first place."