The SNP have swiped back at claims made by the PM that Scotland would be unable to stay in the EU if they became independent.

Speaking at PMQs, Theresa May said it is 'difficult' to hear the SNP say that the UK should stay in the EU, when 'independence means taking Scotland out of the EU'.

She was replying to SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, who had asked if a second referendum had been offered during cross-party talks.

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Mrs May said her position had not changed, and if legislation goes through, some may add it, but her view hasn't changed.

She then said about Mr Blackford: "It's difficult to hear him week after week say the UK should stay in the EU, when Scottish independence means taking Scotland out of the EU." 

The SNP took to Twitter to hit back, sharing a video of the European Liberal Democrat Leader Guy Verhofstadt debunking the PM's claims.

Speaking to BBC Scotland, Mr Verhofstadt said that Scotland would not have to join a long queue to stay in the EU outwith the UK.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also leant her opinion, saying that the Prime Minister and government are 'long past the point' where credibility is a real consideration.

The Prime Minister made the claim ahead of today's EU summit, where she is set to travel to Brussels while member states consider her request for another Article 50 extension.

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The European Parliament has suggested she announce a referendum, general election or revocation if there is no majority support for her cross-party talks.