Nigel Farage has launched a new Brexit Party ahead of the European elections in May.

The party will have the same policies as Ukip but will be distanced from the far right, leader Farage claimed.

"In terms of policy, there's no difference, but in terms of personnel there is a vast difference," he told the Today programme.

"Ukip did struggle to get enough good people into it but unfortunately what it's chosen to do is allow the far right to join it and take it over and I'm afraid the brand is now tarnished."

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When asked about former Brexit Party leader Catherine Blaiklock, who quit after journalists revealed she had sent racist posts and retweeted those of far-right figures before joining the Brexit Party, he said she was "an administrator".

He said: "I set the party up, she was the administrator that got it set up."

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott has said she believes the current system to register EU nationals is "bound to crash".

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Speaking on the Today programme she said: "Ministers are very complacent about the problems that will arise in the Home Office trying to register three million EU nationals.

"This isn't just a random thing, there's an intrinsic culture in the Home Office of inefficiency, of carelessness about people's human rights... At the very least ministers need to put in more resources.

"The system they have got is bound to crash and you're bound to have problems."

Brexit talks between the Government and Labour are to resume at the Cabinet Office at 11am on Friday.

Theresa May's effective deputy David Lidington and Environment Secretary Michael Gove will take part on the Government side and shadow chancellor John McDonnell for Labour.