Some of Unison’s radical proposals to shake up council funding may not be possible, and others deeply unfavourable among large sections of society.

However, one thing is clear – Scotland needs an urgent rethink of how best to fund our local authorities.

They provide basic services essential for people across all sections of society, both rich and poor, not just those down on their luck with nowhere else to turn. Without the array of council services that many of us probably take for granted, the quality of life we are used to and the facilities we enjoy would be drastically different. Unfortunately, what may sound like fiction now could become reality if nothing changes. Council leaders are already complaining that their resources are completely stretched, and their cupboards are bare.

It is welcome to see such emphasis on the need for a rethink and a cash lifeline for local government in this latest report by Unison as well as previous proposals by Cosla and others. Even financial watchdog Audit Scotland last year acknowledged the reduction in funding for councils as a problem.

What is worth noting is that solving the issue cannot simply be hinged on bumping up taxes for those earning the most. Everyone must take responsibility and acknowledge they may have to do more on less, pay more, wait a bit longer or do without until councils can get back on their feet.

Taxing residents can only go so far to solve local authorities' issues, and, whether you agree with them or not, the ideas offered up in this report should be the starting point for serious discussion on how we fix council funding troubles.