More than 200 people were arrested during a second day of climate protests which caused serious disruption in London.

Extinction Rebellion demonstrations took place at Parliament Square, Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch.

The Metropolitan Police said the protests caused serious disruption to public transport and local businesses, with 55 bus routes closed and 500,000 people affected.

Motorists faced gridlocked traffic on a number of alternative routes, such as Westminster Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge.

At about 5.45pm, police said 209 people had been arrested in connection with the demonstrations.

Five people were arrested out yesterday for Public Order Act offences, obstructing a highway and one for obstructing police.

The Met said it had imposed a 24-hour condition on Waterloo Bridge on Monday evening telling protesters to continue any demonstrations in the Marble Arch area. 

The other 204 people were were arrested on Waterloo Bridge on Monday night.

The force confirmed at about 7.50pm on Tuesday that a “number of arrests” had been made in the Oxford Circus area, but did not give details of how many or on what grounds.