Nicola Sturgeon has called for Scotland to stand united against the rise of the far right at the Scottish Trades Union Congress.

In a speech at the Conference, the First Minister called on Scotland to address a number of issues including the rise of the far right, the gender pay gap and overall working conditions. 

She said: "Scotland wants no part of Theresa May’s despicable hostile environment. We reject the dog whistle xenophobia that is too prevalent in political discourse. And we stand firm and united against the rise of the far right.

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"We want people to come to Scotland. And we want people to stay here. Diversity is not a weakness - it is a strength to be celebrated."

She also touched on the idea of a new National Investment Bank and green energy saying: “A key mission of the new National Investment Bank will be to support the transition to carbon neutral society - a Scottish Green Deal. That transition provides huge opportunities for Scotland.

"We are already developing real strengths in areas like battery storage and smart grids. We’re home to big technological breakthroughs, like floating offshore wind farms and tidal power developments."

"We need to ensure that the carbon neutral age doesn’t just make Scotland a greener nation – although it will. It must also make us a healthier, wealthier and fairer nation.

"Fair work is good for workers, good for wider society, and good for the businesses which promote it. It is not optional. In Scotland, we intend it to be the norm, not an exception."

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She also paid tribute to the women at Glasgow city council who had found to end gender inequality saying: "I want to pay tribute to the courage, determination and persistence of women council workers in my home city of Glasgow. I'm delighted their cases have now been settled. They exemplify the fact that if you organise against injustice, you can win.

“Let's be blunt - the gender pay gap cannot continue to be something we talk about for decades. It is the duty of this generation to end it. "