FIREBRAND Scots socialist George Galloway has come under fire after announcing he will be supporting Nigel Farage’s new Brexit Party in next month’s European elections.

The 64-year-old Dundee-born former Respect MP turned TalkRadio presenter announced on Twitter that he will support the right win Brexiteer this one time only.

Galloway voted for Britain to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum.

He told supporters: “Given the nature of Labour’s Euro-fanatic candidates list and the crucial juncture we have reached in the fight for the full implementation of the #Brexit referendum result and for one-time only I will be supporting @Nigel_Farage in next months elections. @TheBrexitPartly”.

As many criticised his announcment, he justified his stance.

He told one critic on Twitter: I don’t “believe in Farage” I believe in #Brexit Still more I believe in democracy.I don’t 'believe in Farage' I believe in #Brexit Still more I believe in democracy.

"I will cast my vote in the European elections for the party most likely to ensure the full implementation of the #Brexit referendum result and the shortest possible term of office for their MEPs.

He said a "victory for him" [Farage] will kill calls to revoke Article 50 and a second referendum "stone dead".


He also predicted that Farage's party would win "at least 50% of the vote", saying: "Count on it. The working class in the north are on the move."

When being criticised for supporting Farage he told one critic: "So Farage is Hitler? How stupid can you get."

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He added: "A vote for the 5th Column Euro-fanatics in the The EPLP [European Parliamentary Labour Party] and the PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] would empower the enemy within.

"The betrayal of #Brexit can be halted in its tracks by a sweeping victory for @TheBrexitPartly I believe that will happen. It may also precipitate the break-up of the Conservatives.

"All #Brexit supporters and those who just want democracy implemented know that the rout of the remainers in these elections is necessary. I at least am determined to do what I can to help make it happen. The shrieks of the soft-shoe shufflers tells me I’m right."