Nicola Sturgeon announced a referendum bill and a citizen’s assembly on independence as she addressed MSPs this afternoon.

The First Minister introduced a framework bill for holding a referendum within the Scottish Parliament’s current powers.

The aim is to pass the half-way house legislation by the end of the year.

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However the law would not allow Holyrood to hold a referendum on independence under the current constitutional arrangement - that would still require a transfer of power from Westminster under a so-called Section 30 order.

Theresa May has already said she will not grant a Section 30, but the bill could nevertheless be introduced at Holyrood as a contingency measure and as a political symbol.

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Brexit Secretary Mike Russell is due to outline the legislation next month.

Ms Sturgeon also announced the set up of a Citizen’s Assembly to consider what kind of country Scotland should be and help people make an informed choice about the future.

The time involved in the processes - and the need for UK Government consent to a legally binding Indyref2 - means a second referendum before the 2021 election remains unlikely.