Ian Blackford has said that if Scotland continues to be ignored in Westminster, support for Scottish independence will grow.

Writing in The Times, he says that the only consistent aspect of the Brexit process is that Scotland's voice has been 'utterly ignored' by the UK government.

It comes after the First Minister laid out plans to hold a second Scottish independence referendum before the end of the parliamentary term in May 2021.

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Mr Blackford wrote: "The much-vaunted “partnership of equals” that was promised by the No campaign in the run-up to the first independence referendum in 2014 has been exposed for the utterly vacuous claim it always was.

"Instead, Scotland votes and voice have been scandalously ignored and sidelined in the whole Brexit process."

The 'partnership of equals' was a term also used by SNP's EU spokesperson on the day of Nicola Sturgeon's announcement.

He told Sky News that Scotland does not sit on par within the UK, but would have the chance in the EU.

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Mr Blackford continued: "What we have witnessed, regardless of people’s views on either Brexit or independence, is a Westminster system that clearly now no longer works in Scotland’s interests, if indeed it ever did.

"The status quo, as the first minister said, is clearly broken."

The SNP Westminster leader claimed that while Scotland's voice is ignored in the UK, it will mean an inevitable growth in support for the Scottish independence movement.

He wrote: "The Westminster system has clearly failed Scotland — and Brexit now means that change is unavoidable.

"Those who oppose our vision for Scotland need to show they understand that and respond positively.

"Otherwise, as the first minister said yesterday, the process of change will pass them by and support for independence will only continue to grow."

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