A Glasgow politician has called for government intervention over concerns about a republican mark in the city this weekend.

Paul Sweeney MP has asked authories to halt the group Saoradh from taking part in the procession.

They caused outrage after announcing plans to join the march just days after the murder of journalist Lyra McKee in Derry.

Saoradh is a militant group who campaign for a unified Irish socialist state, and will take part in an event to commemorate the Easter Rising through Glasgow on Saturday.

Their involvement has prompted the 1916 Rising Centenary Committee to distance themselves from the event, saying that they do not wish to "have any connection whatsoever to those of unrepresentative groupings wedded to militarism, at sites of commemoration in Scotland."

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Speaking in Westminster, Mr Sweeney said: "Lyra McKee was a child of the Good Friday Agreement and grew up in the hope that we could leave the idea of sectarianism and the division it caused behind. 

"Lyra represented a future where the only barriers to friendship were of bigotry and of badness. I can't help but feel the sense of loss of what she represents. 

"But I am particularly concerned that organisations like Saoradh seed that sense of division and hatred and indeed, they plan to take part in event sin Glasgow this coming weekend. 

"Would the secretary of state liaise with her colleague in the Home Office to make sure we can do whatever we can to prevent that horrible, toxic organisation showing its face in the streets of Glasgow this weekend. 

Northern Irish secretary Karen Bradley MP replied: "I will be very happy to take that matter up with the Home Secretary because he is absolutely right in the words he has used and the sentiments he has expressed."

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With Government ministers speaking their support to his concerns on the issue, Mr Sweeney is hopeful authorities will be able to stop Saoradh from taking part.

The Glasgow North East MP added: "In light of their complicity in Lyra's murder it is totally unnacceptable for this toxic organisation to be participating in any public events in the city, especially not in a cemetery bordering my own constituency at Lambhill. 

"I call on the relevant authorities in the police and governemtn to prevent it. Saoradh and their ilk are not welcome in our city."

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: "We are aware of the march and it will be policed appropriately."

The Home Office and Northern Ireland Office have been approached for comment.