People in Scotland are living longer, healthier lives and that is something to be celebrated.

We need to move from what can be a negative, problem-focused perspective to a positive recognition of older people as a vital part of Scotland’s potential for success and improvement in the 21st century.

Multiple sectors across Scotland are coming together for The Herald and GenAnalytics’ inaugural EngAGE Conference in association with the Scottish Government to discuss just that on May 23 at Glasgow Caledonian University.

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Minister for Older People and Equalities Christina McKelvie will open the day to discuss how it is time to remove barriers, tackle inequalities and allow people to flourish and be themselves.

“Older people contribute hugely to our economy and society, so it is in everyone’s interest that we have a positive attitude to ageing, and the Festival Of Ageing will do just that,” Ms McKelvie said.

“It will bring together business, public sector and third-sector organisations to showcase the opportunities and benefits from our older workforce and population.”


Ms McKelvie will be followed by Tom Winstanley, Vice President, Innovation, NTT DATA UK as he discusses how technology will drive innovation and the ageing agenda, contributing learnings from Japan.

Mr Winstanley said: “I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas with policy makers, public services and colleagues from the private sector, because we believe that the challenges of the ageing population in Scotland will only be addressed through strong partnerships across these boundaries and we are keen to play our part.”

Panel discussions will explore topics, such as health and wellbeing and business and economy.

Joining the business and economy panel will be Craig Vickery, Head of ACCA Scotland who said: “The future will require us to retrain and reskill more often and more quickly. No industries will be exempt. 

"At work we will find ourselves working with a wider age group of team members – and some will be machines. 

"We will be challenged to change careers several time and we need to develop a culture of respecting experience and youth. 

"Innovation comes with necessity and Scotland needs to embrace all of our potential and learn to develop skills quickly and effectively.”

The EngAGE Conference, also known as The Festival of Ageing, will feature multiple exhibitors from Glasgow Caledonian University, The Scottish Government, NTT DATA, Glasgow Disability Alliance and Weekday Wow Factor, The Salvation Army and U3A.

Cultural performances will also take place throughout the day.

The conference, which takes place from 8.45am-1.30pm, is free to attend, however you must register to secure your place. The exhibition, which is unticketed and open to the public, runs from 10am-4pm.

  • Register today by clicking here or contact Kirsty Loughlin on 0141 302 6016.