Police are investigating after Tommy Robinson had a milkshake thrown over him at a campaign event for the second time in two days.

The English Defence League (EDL) founder was in Warrington as part of his campaign to become an independent MEP for north-west England.

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Video footage has emerged of the incident which shows Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, talking to a man holding a McDonald’s milkshake before the man throws the content of the drink on him. 

Warning: The video below contains strong language that some may find upsetting.

Following the incident, a number of supporters and Robinson appear to throw several punches at the man. 

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The person who filmed the incident can be heard saying: “That’s what you get for being a fascist, you f***ing massive prick.”

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police said: “We are aware of an allegation of assault made following an incident in Bridge Street in Warrington this afternoon. We are looking into the circumstances.”

It has also been reported that Robinson has made the allegation of assault.

The incident came a day after Robinson had a milkshake thrown at him on the campaign trail in Bury.

In a video, he said he had been “punched and slapped” by two other people in separate incidents in Warrington adding: “I was politically targeted.

"I so want to win this. No amount of punches, milkshakes, attacks or anything is going to stop me.”

Warning: This video contains very strong language that some may find upsetting