Nicola Sturgeon has been warned that she cannot declare a climate emergency then "carry on business as usual".

Green party co-convener Patrick Harvie said the First Minister must take action after making the declaration at the SNP party conference just over a week ago.

Speaking as his party launched its manifesto for the upcoming European elections, the Glasgow MSP said: "We welcome the fact that people are willing to use the term climate emergency but it has to be accompanied by action.

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"You can't just say there's an emergency then carry on business as usual. And it's not just about scrapping one or two bad ideas, it's about investing in the alternatives."

The Scottish Government has said it is committed to supporting a transition to a low carbon economy, with ambition to reduce emissions.

Ms Sturgeon, declaring the climate emergency, also said that if advice shows that Scotland can "go further or go faster, we will do so".

However, the government has been met with criticism over the continued extraction of fossil fuels and plans to halve and then scrap air passenger duty in Scotland.

Mr Harvie's comments came as the Greens announced their own plans to combat climate change, including the creation of new green jobs, the creation of faster and greener public transport and a call for a European-wide net-zero emissions target to be set.

Green party candidate Maggie Chapman said the party was also committed to stopping Brexit and giving a positive message of hope in a bid to tackle extremists.

Ms Chapman said: "These are the most important European elections we've ever had. They're Scotland's chance to be heard - our chance to send a message that our democratic decision to stay in the EU must be respected.

"Scotland needs a Green voice in Europe to fight for a just and welcoming society and for the radical change that's needed to tackle the climate emergency, which is the defining issue of our age. No other party is prepared to take the bold action which this global emergency demands.

"Greens also provide the antidote to toxic far right hate. The rise of the hard right across Europe is deeply disturbing, but it cannot be countered from the centre. That's why a Green wave is sweeping the continent and why I'm determined to join it as Scotland's first Green MEP."

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Mr Harvie added: "We're confident that with our positive message of offering hope in troubled times, stopping Brexit and tackling the climate emergency we can win Scotland's first Green MEP, building on recent election success both here in Scotland and throughout Europe."