Students from a Scottish university have launched a recruitment drive for a new head of department.

Business students at Dundee University took matters into their own hands by producing a recruitment video.

The university began its search for a new Dean for the School of Business last week.

However, keen to see the right candidate come forward, the students launched their own bid to fill the vacant post.

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Rebecca Johnston, third-year International Business student and School President-elect, said: “We are looking for someone who understands trends, industry and is able to connect with the students.

“Having experience with industry is invaluable, as our students are looking to become the next innovators and influencers and having guidance from an expert is highly desirable.”

The 21 year-old, from Belfast, added: "Dundee is a vibrant city. It was often overlooked, but now a lot of big companies are beginning to see the potential in Dundee and we hope our new Dean will see the same.”

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The School of Business was established in 2015 and now outperforms the national average in terms of student recruitment.

An increase in students has also brought with it an increase in academic staff joining the school and the introduction of a programme of internships for Master’s students in China, Vietnam, Mexico and the rest of the UK.