THE Sunday Mail has endorsed the Scottish Greens at the upcoming European elections in a historic boost for the party.

The newspaper – one of Scotland’s bestselling Sunday titles – announced its backing in a front page editorial that argued climate change is not being treated as a priority by the major parties.

It marks the first time a national newspaper has supported the Greens. The Sunday Mail is traditionally left-leaning and has previously been viewed as sympathetic to Labour.

Its article said: "The Euro poll in 11 days' time has been turned into a referendum by proxy on Brexit - the identity issue which has crippled our politics for almost three years and counting.

"Meanwhile we are all faced with a genuine emergency which is, in relative terms, being ignored. Climate change is the biggest issue confronting our country and our planet."

It continues: "The Sunday Mail has a proud history in tackling prejudice and fighting for social justice - though we do value our neutrality in party politics.

"Our backing of the Green Party doesn't mean we agree with them on everything - and doesn't necessarily mean we'd follow them on the Yes side of a new independence referendum.

"In this election though their manifesto and vision chimes clearly with our values and the interests of our readers."

Scottish Greens co-convenor Patrick Harvie MSP said: "We're delighted that the Sunday Mail is backing the Scottish Greens in the European elections this year.

"This is the most important European election we've ever faced, it's vital that we elect Scotland's first Green MEP to work in tandem with our European neighbours and tackle the climate emergency."

The party’s lead candidate for the EU elections on May 23 is Maggie Chapman.